Insurance costs rise on presence of cladding

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The presence of composite aluminium cladding is having a financial impact on strata owners as they renegotiate insurance policies. Speaking at the Lannock Strata Fire Safety Forum, Strata Community Insurance Managing Director Paul Keating said some insurers were beginning to change their approach to providing cover for cladding. “Most strata insurance policies are accidental damage based so without specific changes being made to the wording by the insurer, there should be no immediate impact to existing cover,” said Mr Keating. … Read More

Time Running Out For Illegal Cladding Claims

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The clock is ticking for strata owners if they are to have any hope of getting the people responsible for illegal composite aluminium cladding on their buildings to pay for the repairs. Leading strata and construction lawyer David Bannerman, who co-convened the Strata Fire Safety Forum with Lannock Strata Finance, says statutory warranties are complicated and time sensitive. “The chain of people responsible for the proliferation of non-complying material used in apartment construction is long, from the importer to the … Read More

Testing the Only Way to Identify Dangerous Cladding

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The push to produce more interesting architecture and reduce costs led to the proliferation of composite aluminium cladding in mid – high rise buildings but it has come at a far higher cost in the long run. Peter Blair, Project Manager at construction engineering consultancy SPMA, told the Lannock Strata Fire Safety Forum that in eight out of ten instances the cladding used on buildings was likely to be non-complying or non-conforming to the soon to be implemented Building Code … Read More

Strata Community Seeks Fairness in Aluminium Cladding Fix

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Strata Community Australia is stepping up its fight for fairness as the issue of non-compliant aluminium cladding impacts strata owners across Australia. Speaking at the Strata Fire Safety Forum, convened by Lannock Strata Finance last month, SCA President Chris Duggan said a whole of government approach was required to address a complex issue. “We want to see more protection for strata owners, including an extension of the definition of major defects to include aluminium cladding,” said Mr Duggan. “The first … Read More

Paper Audits Fail to Identify Aluminium Cladding Risk

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Future owners of new apartments will be protected from buying into potentially unsafe buildings with Federal and State government agreement last week to place a moratorium on the use of composite aluminium cladding in high-rise construction. However current owners still face the prospect of having to arrange for inspections of their buildings to determine whether they must undertake costly rectification works. At the Strata Fire Safety Forum, convened by Lannock Strata Finance last month, Allan Harriman, Director of building regulation … Read More

Urgent Action by Strata Owners Required for Cladding Risk

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Government failure to deal with problems associated with non-complying aluminium cladding has created a massive trust deficit with strata owners left to pick up the tab for a problem of others’ creation. The failures have occurred at all three tiers of government from policing of the building code to the approval and certification processes. The recent Strata Fire Safety Forum revealed the worrying statistic that eight out of 10 buildings with aluminium cladding have non-compliant cladding. Armed with that information, … Read More

Strata Fire Safety & Compliance  – Australia Takes Notice

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Am I at risk? If so, what does this mean for my safety and financial security? These are just some of the questions that Australians are asking in the wake of a number of serious building fires caused by the use of non-compliant cladding. To help assist with the current lack of public information available, Lannock together with Bannermans Lawyers held a Strata Fire Safety Forum on August 31st to facilitate discussion between a number of key industry experts. With major … Read More