Getting better outcomes for owners in difficult general meetings



Lannock Head of Business Development Phil Bottomley provides some thought-provoking ideas on how all strata professionals can prepare for general meetings.

  1. Set a time limit and focus on the major items, defer minor or operational matters to another meeting
  2. Set a goal for how long it will take to process the strata roll – what do you need to do to achieve this?
  3. Prepare a template for presentations that forces contractors into a sensible structure and can be easily read by people in the meeting (ie, LARGE FONT)
  4. Include “ability to communicate effectively” in the criteria you have for professionals you recommend to be engaged by the owner corporation
  5. Limit the materials sent to owners to summaries (possibly in the format you require the professional to use) with the detail available should owners  request it
  6. Find the most efficient voting system for the situation – is it show of hands or an online system?
  7. Anticipate language difficulties and put in place a plan for dealing with them
  8. The venue is important – can everybody hear? Will everyone be comfortable?  Can everyone see?  Is catering advisable?  Is there parking? Is it accessible for less mobile or elderly attendees?
  9. Keep the resolutions tight –unambiguous and as short as possible.
  10. Consider if a Fact Sheet or FAQ’s re strata meetings or the issues faced at a particular meeting would help. The more owners’ questions that can be answered prior to a meeting, the more positive the meeting can be.

And the bonus tip! 

  1. After you’ve met all compliance matters, consider how best to lead and guide a disparate group of inexperienced, non-professionals in strata, through the processes that are needed in their particular situation to achieve the outcome that is best for them.

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