Help for strata levies in arrears


The strata sector is not immune to the virus. We will experience significant disruption over the coming months and owners are very fearful.

We have written a guide to help strata owners and managers deal with the important cash flow decisions that will arise during the pandemic and its aftermath.

Our downloadable guide covers what to do about the payments the corporation needs to make and the various ways of funding those payments should there be a shortfall.

The strata sector supports more than just owners. Our industry supports thousands and thousands of small businesses, sole traders and subcontractors – as well as their families. The decisions we collectively take regarding payments to our creditors will have a multiplier effect through our community. It also discusses ways to deal equitably with our fellow owners.

We hope this practical guide to managing strata cash flows during the pandemic is useful when navigating the difficult decisions ahead of us.

Our Levy Assist loan helps those corporations concerned about levies in arrears or seeking a backup.

If you would like anymore information on managing cash flows or our Levy Assist loan, please get in touch!