Four Principles of Corporate Finance that apply to Strata


… and how every owners corporation and strata manager in Australia can benefit from understanding the implications of each! Opportunity Cost Remember the old Aspirin ads? “Two and a quarter times faster”. Well, 2 ¼ faster than what? It’s the same with money in general and funding in strata in particular. The money that owners pay in levies is not free – the cost of this money is whatever the next best thing you could do with it might be. … Read More

Combustible Cladding: What Next?

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There are five things that will cause owners to take action if there is combustible cladding on their building: concern for personal safety; compulsion by government; unwillingness to pay higher insurance premiums; declining property values; and inability to sell affected units. Each of these on their own should be sufficient to ensure immediate action from owners, but it’s a sad fact that safety concerns alone will not lead to significant change. The various state governments are working through their processes, … Read More

How a Project Manager Can Save You Money

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Paul Morton, founder and CEO of Lannock Strata Finance, recently contributed to the May 2019 issue of Resort News Magazine on ‘How a Project Manager Can Save you Money‘. You can view the full article at Resort News or read the article text below. Completing the construction of a property is not the end of that building’s journey but only the beginning.  Buildings have a defined life span and with the necessity for maintenance and the plethora of opportunities for enhancements, a building should … Read More

Strata managers across Australia share their experiences with flammable cladding



The results are in from our recent survey we sent to strata managers on flammable cladding in Australia. A big thank you to those that took the time to share their thoughts. Almost half of New South Wales & Queensland strata managers who responded said that almost all their clients had met their cladding registration requirements.  While great to see, there’s still work to be done as one third of respondents said that less than 50% of their properties had registered! Extrapolating from … Read More

‘Loving Strata’ at the SCA QLD Conference


SCA QLD Conference 2019

Lannock Strata Finance recently attended the Strata Community Association Queensland Conference held from 13th – 15th March in the Gold Coast. The Conference was focused on recognising and celebrating the industry’s passion for the strata sector. Lannock was proud to be the Keynote Sponsor for Anh Do’s closing Keynote Session which was well received by attendees. As a Conference Sponsor, Lannock exhibited at the conference and continued to promote the strata personality test by asking strata managers a number of … Read More

2nd Annual Safe Cladding, Buildings and Facade Innovation Summit (Sydney | 27-28 Feb)


Safe cladding, buildings and facade innovation summit

With the Grenfell cladding inquiry currently underway, there are many lessons for the Australian building and construction sector that can be applied from the UK experience. The 2nd Annual Safe Cladding, Buildings and Facade Innovation Summit will take place in Sydney on 27-28 Feb. As a special offer, save 15% off your ticket for this leading event. Simply use the VIP code LANNOCK-15 when registering to receive the discount. Hear from Roy Wilsher, Chair of the UK National Fire Chiefs … Read More

Funding Cladding Rectification in Strata

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Rectifying combustible cladding can be a costly exercise which owners might be tempted to delay in order to defer large financial outlays. However, often the cost of delaying the work will outweigh the cost of addressing the issue in a timely manner. Deciding to Fund Strata owners who take a proactive approach to combustible cladding rectification will be able to: Gain peace of mind that they are living in a fire safe building Complete work at today’s costs and so minimise the impact … Read More