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Australia’s leading strata lender.

A Lannock Strata Loan is an unsecured loan to the body corporate to fund strata improvement projects like renovations, defects, green projects and repairs. Lannock will also fund strata insurance, professional services and litigation.

Owners enjoy the lifestyle benefits and investment returns of completing the project sooner. And because you aren’t waiting around for a sinking fund to accumulate, you can pay today’s costs and avoid the problem getting worse.

Strata borrowing may be particularly beneficial for investors – please refer to your tax adviser

No initial outlay

An easy multi-drawdown facility

Choose your loan term for each advance

How a Lannock Strata Loan works

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Contact Lannock for a Loan Proposal to fund your strata improvement project. Discuss this with the owners.

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Ready to proceed? Lannock will provide a Loan Contract to be tabled and approved at a General Meeting.

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As works are completed, the body corporate draws down funds from Lannock to pay contractors.

Loan contract checklist

You can draw as many advances as required, up to the value of the Loan Contract. You only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Lannock provides funds directly to the body corporate – we do not lend to the individual owners. Our funding is completely unsecured – there are no mortgages, banker’s liens, charges or caveats. Because we provide funds to the body corporate directly, we do not investigate the financial position of individual owners of units. We do not require owners, committee members or the strata manager to give personal guarantees. The strata manager is not required to certify documents.
Lannock will provide funds for strata improvement projects up to 35% (depending on the size of the strata scheme) of the aggregate market value of the lots in your strata company. Subject to this percentage, there is no specified minimum or maximum amount we will fund.
Lannock will consider variations to this standard criterion in special cases such as where the building is being redeveloped or where additional value is being created.
Advances can be drawn at any time during the Availability Period (which is usually 1 year from date of the Facility Agreement).
Contractor’s invoices need to be provided in support of each Advance. Lannock will remit the funds directly into the body corporate’s account to enable a contractor to be paid, or re-imbursement for a payment already made.
You have the flexibility with each Advance to specify:
• Term of Advance (1 to 15 years)
• Interest Only Period (up to 2 years)

Why choose Lannock?

We are the leading strata finance specialist in Australia, helping owners protect and improve their properties with efficient finance.

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Most flexible strata loans available. No job is too big or too small. No minimum loan amount.

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Simple and fast process. Contact us today for a Loan Proposal so you can get started quickly.

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Specialist and dedicated team ready to help owners and strata managers around Australia.

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We can lend for renovations, defects, green projects, strata insurance, litigation and more.

Latest industry insights

Row of doors with single red door
  By Paul Morton, CEO, Lannock Strata Finance

Rectifying cladding can be a costly exercise which owners might be tempted to delay in order to defer large financial outlays.

  By Paul Morton, CEO, Lannock Strata Finance

Rectification of every strata building in Australia with combustible cladding can be financed immediately.

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    Lannock Strata Finance is a specialist strata financing company, established in 2004 by Paul Morton, CEO. When you finance your strata project with Lannock, you are dealing with the industry experts. We finance capital works for bodies corporate and owners corporations around Australia including repairs, renovations, professional services, litigation and re-development.