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The benefits of our Levy Assist Loan

  • Built for Owner Corps

    This is ideal for owner corporations or strata companies in Australia (excl. TAS) which are concerned some of their owners may have difficulty in paying their levies.

  • No Fees

    We’ve waived our approval fees and we won’t charge any monthly fees or settlement fees or the like. We won’t charge you any dishonour fees or penalty interest if the loan is in arrears.

  • Ease of Use

    It is an unsecured loan – there are no mortgage, liens, charges, caveats, etc. Owners do not have to give personal guarantees nor their personal financial information.

  • Access Money Quickly

    Typically, you will have a 12-month availability period to use the requested funds but this can be extended on request. There is no charge if no funds have been drawndown.


Are you in need of levy assistance?

Our Levy Assist loan can help owner corporations navigate the challenging period ahead and alleviate financial pressures.

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Why use Lannock

  • Wide Loan Purpose Range

    We can lend for renovations, defects, green projects, strata insurance, litigation and  much more. Chat to our team about your specific situation and let us come up with the right funding solution for you.

  • Fast Approval Process

    Time is of the essence for any renovation or  repair work, which is why we’ve made our loan approval process fast and simple. Contact our dedicated team today so you don’t waste any more time.

  • Unparalleled Expertise

    We have a team of Strata Loan Specialists who are dedicated to helping owners and strata managers all across Australia find their ideal funding solution. Get in touch today to chat to our friendly experts!

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