Pronto - the strata loan qualifier


What does PRONTO do?

Our PRONTO Strata Calculator allows Owner Corporations and Strata Managers to get an immediate understanding of how much they can borrow towards their strata property. Using our Lannock loan assessment formula, PRONTO can provide an indicative approval for a loan simply by entering the postcode of the property, number of lots and required amount.

The benefits of a strata loan

  • Maximum Flexibility

    The owners corporation specifies the term of each advance as part of their loan facility and can draw on the facility as many times as needed during the availability period.

  • Minimal Charges

    An owners corporation only pays interest on the outstanding loan balance, not the amount of the loan facility meaning that you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

  • Ease of Use

    There is no requirement for individuals to refinance existing mortgages, and we do not require personal guarantees or financial information from owners or committee members.

  • Access Money Quickly

    Lannock’s strata funding enables owners corporations to complete projects now without needing to access the capital works fund or raise a special levy.


Why use Lannock

  • Wide Range of Purposes

    We will lend for capital works, renovations, defects, green projects, strata insurance, litigation and  much more. Chat to our team about your specific situation and let us come up with the right funding solution for you.

  • Fast Approval Process

    Time is of the essence for any renovation or repair work, which is why we’ve made our loan approval process fast and simple. Contact our dedicated team today so you don’t waste any more time.

  • Unparalleled Expertise

    We have a team of strata loan specialists who are dedicated to helping owners and strata managers all across Australia find their ideal funding solution. Get in touch today to chat to our friendly experts!


We are here to help

Lannock Strata Finance is a specialist strata financing company, established in 2004 by Paul Morton, CEO. When you finance your strata project with Lannock, you are dealing with the industry experts. We finance capital works for bodies corporate and owners corporations around Australia including repairs, renovations, professional services, litigation and re-development.

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